The Smallest Coffins Are The Heaviest.

Woh jab aate hue mujhko galey tum ne lagaya tha

AmanAllah12376500_10204384450405290_8527422586308730416_n kaha mujhko mera beta bulaya tha
Khuda ke amn ki rah mein kahan se aagaya tha woh
Jahan tum choomti the maa waha tak aagaya tha wo 
Mai aisi qom se hoon jis ke wo bachcho se darta hai

That day, you hugged me when I left (for school)
You bid me farewell and called me “O my son!”
Where did he appear from while I was in God’s protection?
He approached me exactly where you used to kiss me (the forehead)
I come from a nation whose children he finds intimidating!

16th December 2015 will mark the one year to APS attack, that left the whole country in shock. How strange is it that it’s already one year? It seems like yesterday this dreadful attack took place; but whom am I to say that, ask those parents who lost their kid, their wounds are still fresh and seems even time will not be able to heal them. Ask the survivors who made it out of the school, will they be ever able to recover from the mental trauma they faced? Ask our brave army, will those men be able to forget the blood stained school bags and books?

That dreaded day, almost every neighborhood in the city of Peshawar had a coffin carried out of their house. Small coffins, barely weighing anything and at the same time the hardest to carry. Someone once said the smallest coffins are the heaviest, so true that is.

One of the teachers who managed to survive the brutal attack, after recovering came back to work, he taught grade 9.

Who will you teach?
We don’t have a ninth grade anymore.

Read more about the Army Public School victims here

We will never forget the young brave souls who lost their lives, our little brave soldiers will forever live in our hearts. We won’t forget, we will never forget. This attack was in response to the military operation Zarb-e-Azb going on against the terrorist by the Pakistan Army; these cowards think by attacking a school we will stop our mission to eradicate terrorism, they are so wrong because our resolve is stronger than ever now.

In the light of the attack, the death penalty was reissued and this year the terrorist caught during the APS attack were put to death along with many terrorist who in the past years were awaiting their fate.

Never forget 144.
Never forget 16/12/14.


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