The Lying Game- Series/Book Review

I started reading this series quite a while back (approximately 4 years, I think.) and I finally finished the series (oh the satisfaction). My ratings for this entire series is 3.9/5 Author: Sara Sephard Books in chronological order: The Lying Game Never Have I Ever Two Truths and A lie Hide and Seek Cross my… Continue reading The Lying Game- Series/Book Review


History in the Making – Pakistan Wins

The media often portrays what the people want to see, not what they need to see at times. Many of you may have read about the constant bomb-blasts, killings, violence of all sorts, religion extremism and I can go on and on. I am in no way saying that these things do not happen, as… Continue reading History in the Making – Pakistan Wins


The Creative & Versatile Blogger Award.

So I got nominated for the Creative Blogger Award and the Versatile Blogger Award by Glamorous Etoiles! Thank you for nominating me! The Creative Blogger Award Rules: Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. Share five facts about yourself. Nominate 15-20 bloggers and add their links. Notify the bloggers… Continue reading The Creative & Versatile Blogger Award.


The Centuries Old Language And Google Translate.

As a part of my job I am obliged to look up the new things happening in the world of internet and technology daily especially those related to Pakistan, along with writing about them. Yesterday I came across the news that Google translate added 13 new languages to their database; and to say that when… Continue reading The Centuries Old Language And Google Translate.