Me Before You – Book Review

I recently read this book called Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, which I was rather forced to read by my best friend when she found out the movie for this book is to be out this year in June. So basically she wanted someone who would fangirl and hyperventilate with her about this book.

So this book is about a 26 year old woman named Lou Clark, who has all her life worked in a bakery and lived in a small town. One day she gets the news that the bakery owner is shutting the place down and she loses her job and being from a poor family she couldn’t afford to just sit around and registers at the Job Centre for well a job. She is a funny little character, talks too much, wears weird dresses and is afraid to try new things in life. She gets a job as a carer/friend for a quadriplegic man in his 30s called Will Traynor, who got in to an accident two years prior which left him in a wheelchair and has zero to none will left to live this life as a disabled man since he was someone who loved riding motorbikes, jumping off of cliffs and planes.

As Lou comes in to his life, and starts taking care of him in the best way she can, since she isn’t a professional carer for quads or for anyone for that matter. The story and the narrative style is beautifully executed, you can see the character development of Lou as you turn the pages and reach different chapters. Will Traynor, comes off as a witty, at times rude person who has given up on life but one accident took away his life completely (which he loved BTW) and is someone who has always gotten his way in life.

It was very easy to get attached with the characters in this book, which is something I find is essential to actually connect to the book on a whole different level. We ge to see the nice glimpses and the not so nice parts of Will’s life/character, and it certainly made me wonder what was Will Traynor like before this accident? In the prologue we do get a glimpse of Will’s life right before the accident but for me it wasn’t just enough, but I will take what I can get.

There is a point in the book where Lou does call out that if it weren’t for the accident Will wouldn’t have noticed someone like Lou, as they ran in completely different social circles and he lived in London before the accident, and not to forget the 8-9 years age difference between them.

I loved the way Lou’s character developed, and how Will encouraged her to seize life by the horns and to live it the way one would want to. My favourite part was perhaps when Will gifts her the black and yellow stripes tights and her reaction to it, and when she goes in to the maze in the castle and has a panic attack and Will comes to find her. There are a lot of scenes/parts that just tug at the heart in painful ways.

It was a beautiful read, if I am completely honest. The ending left me in shambles and I had to regroup myself the following day, I certainly do not regret reading this book (guess I owe it to my friend for suggesting it to me) and even though Will’s character made some questionable choices and to some extent I understood his misery, I found him to a bit selfish especially when Lou offers literally everything she has (spoiler alert! including herself and her love) he still chooses to (Spoiler alert!) die.

This particular part really broke my heart where he tells her that her love isn’t simply enough for him, and I think her reaction to it was what I would had have in her circumstances or any for that matter.

This was such a good book I laughed and cried with the characters, I loved it. If you haven’t read it, do give it a go before the movie comes out in  June, you have plenty of time. And if you read it watch the trailer and let’s appreciate the book, trailer and Finnick Odair and Khaleesi in the movie trailer that was released last week!

Here is the trailer for the movie, watch at your own risk!


6 thoughts on “Me Before You – Book Review

  1. I recently read this book. I loved the tights scene as well. Oooh man ! So so good. I understood Will and his decision to die. The reality was that he loved himself more than he loved her which is completely fine in my opinion.
    And the trailer, OMG ! I am not a huge fan of romantic movies. But this one looks UH-MAZING. 🙂

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