And The Mountains Echoed – Book Review

Out beyond ideas
Of wrongdoing and right doing
There is a field.
I will meet you there.
Beautifully written, heart wrenching, journeying through Afghanistan, USA, Greek islands of Tinos and Paris comes this love story of Pari and Abdullah. Mind you, by love story I do not mean a romance between those two but a story about love. And a love story can be about any two people, mother and daughter, sisters, two friends, brother and sister, father and son. And this book revolves around the love story of a brother and sister.
The book starts with their father telling the siblings about a div who takes away the most beloved child of a poor family and the father going all the way to the Div’s house on the mountains to get his son back only to find that his son is happy and living a happy life, a life that poor farmer couldn’t provide. Thus the farmer leaves the Div’s palace with a potion he got as a present for passing the Div’s originaltest. On drinking that potions the farmer forgets his son and all his grieve.
Later as the story develops we learn that the father is taking Pari to Kabul and Abdullah insists on going with them  following them until his father finally allows him to come with them. During their journey we learn about Pari and Abdullah’s relation, their love for each other, how Abdullah can do anything  for his sister and how much he adores her gap toothed smile and way that little girl calls him Abollah.
What is a book if it doesn’t at some point tear you apart and chews you only to spit you back out? The brother sister duo is torn apart from each other and we see Abdullah and Pari living separate lives. Pari being a little kid when she was ‘adopted’ soon forgets her brother that she left behind, yet she knows there is something missing from her life and  Abdullah never forgets his little sister. It’s a tale of love, loss and reunions.
I have been a Khaled Hosseini fan since the day I read The Kite Runner years back and I was absolutely hooked. After that came the beautifully narrated and sculpted: A Thousand Splendid Suns. These books made me cry, laugh and feel everything the character was feeling; and The Mountains Echoed was not an exception, it somewhat fulfilled its purpose of making one fall in love and experiencing Afghanistan like one only can through a Khaled Hosseini novel. But, in all honesty this book didn’t match the standard that his previous books such as A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner have set.
I had once upon a time posted this book review on an old blog of mine, so basically it is sort of a re-post. I have edited it, so it is a little different than what was on my previous post.

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