The Lying Game- Series/Book Review

I started reading this series quite a while back (approximately 4 years, I think.) and I finally finished the series (oh the satisfaction).

My ratings for this entire series is 3.9/5

Author: Sara Sephard

Books in chronological order:

  1. The Lying Game
  2. Never Have I Ever
  3. Two Truths and A lie
  4. Hide and Seek
  5. Cross my Heart and Hope to Die
  6. Seven Minutes in Heaven

It is about two twins Emma and Sutton, who were separated at birth. One day Emma’s foster brother shows her a snuff video of her twin Sutton, he found online, which prompts Emma to contact her twin. As Emma goes to Tuscan to meet her sister, she finds out that her twin is dead and the murder forces her to impersonate Sutton (as they are identical) and to not tell anyone the truth otherwise she will be next. Thus she is forced to pretend to be Sutton and try to solve her murder.

In the entire series we meet different characters, such as Laurel, Sutton’s adoptive sister and aunt (it is a weird family tree), Charlotte, Madeline, the Twitter Twins, (the exclusive lying game club, and they were those popular rich kid/bully types and Sutton’s best friends), Thayer (Char’s brother and Sutton’s love), Ethan ( Nisha’s neighbor, the psychopath, Emma’s Boyfriend) , Nisha (Sutton’s tennis rival), the Mercers (Sutton’s adoptive parents and biological grandparents), Becky (the mother to the twins and Mercer’s eldest daughter), Alex. They all are equally important characters, I personally liked Sutton’s ghost narrative (stuck to her sister, can’t be seen or heard!).

As the series progressed, Emma suspect list keeps shrinking as she marks off all the above names. The time is running out, and she needs to find the killer and avenge her twin’s death and come out to the mercer family about her true identity.

It was a pretty interesting read, I always had an interest in twins ( I always wanted one, but realized that is not possible) and this series isn’t exactly Chick lit but it’s not mystery either.. It’s a cross to say the best, in my opinion. I personally thought Emma was very naive, but she was a good soul unlike her sister (from what I gathered from the book).

About who the killer is, at first I did think Ethan is the real killer, since, he was the only person who called out Emma for not being Sutton; and he hardly knew Sutton! But I let that thought go, but oh boy the last book and the discoveries about Ethan sent goosebumps down my arms.

The ending could had been slightly more better, not that is was not good I personally felt something was missing. I needed to see Emma’s proper reaction to finding out who the killer was, yes she was scared, she turned him in, and hated him for it but she was in love with him at a certain point.

It was certainly a light and entertaining read, I enjoyed reading the series and read all the books in one sitting (not at the same time!) and if you ever liked the Pretty little liars series (book or TV show) read this too! The Lying Game TV show was horrible though to be frank, the books are way better. Not to forget, the books had unique names and covers.




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