Trouvaille (n.)
Origin: French
Something lovely discovered by chance

I still think back on the days when I came across those two big brown eyes, twinkling under the bright sky like they held the secrets of the universe within them.

I was never a romantic at heart, at least I liked to believe that. But then again I always thought blue eyes were my favorite until I stumbled across those eyes that held the all the mysteries one could fathom.

Coming across that melodious laughter and those dazzling eyes was trouvaille, and something that surely left an imprint on my mind for forever.


I haven’t posted in a while, I have a tag and two book reviews pending.. But I haven’t been just up to it, work and university has been filling up my schedule. Instead I just thought I’d at least share this with you all, enjoy!

Plus, I have also been suffering from a case fernweh (farsickness) a lot lately and some major internal conflicts going on in there (points and glares at the stupid brain, it thinks too much).


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