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My Sister’s Wedding Day.

I have been MIA for sometime, posting everywhere other week or something like that. It’s just I have been very busy of late. I have presentations due, assignments to work on and recently i.e. yesterday my sister got married.

So here I am, sitting on her side of the bed in our room; if she was here she’d be screaming at me to get off.

Let me tell you about the wedding. We had a small event, about 200 people (In Pakistani standards, considering the amount of relatives and cousins one has it was quite small). On the day itself, I woke up feeling no different it honestly felt like any other day. I went to work for a few hours, came back home, took a shower, had my hair done and got ready.

While I was in the final stages of getting ready, my sister came back from the salon; all dressed up in her traditional and yet not so traditional wedding dress (Brides here wear a red skirt of shorts called ghagra and a shirt called choli with beautiful works of embroidery of gold and silver colors). My sister opted for something along the lines of golden and green. She looked absolutely gorgeous.


We went to the venue, where the bride and groom had their shoot while the guests trickled in. I was busy running around doing things for my sister, and before you know it, it was time for dinner. After the dinner the groom came in (forgot to mention, our functions are usually segregated!) and as being the sisters of the bride, we had a small custom to fulfill; i.e. to block the way of the groom and not let him through while we try to catch his hand and he has to avoid that as otherwise he has to pay up. We managed to tie his hand in the string attached to the small traditional hand-fan. It was all fun and games.

After a an hour or two it was time for the bride and groom to go their merry way. This is particularly the saddest part of the weddings, my eldest sister got all teary eyed, so did my dad, my mum tried being strong and I just hugged my sister good bye. It hadn’t hit me yet, if I am being honest. I woke up quite late today and was greeted by my sister who got married last night only, she was over with her husband as they were going out of the town where his parents house is. We had lunch and they left, I went back to sleep  ( I was very tired ok) and when I woke up and went downstairs I for some reason expected my sister, sitting on the sofa and watching TV with mum. When I didn’t see her, I was confused for about a second and I think then it hit me.

I try to keep my emotions in check, a tight lid over all of these emotions. But sometimes, they come leaking out like a flood and they overwhelm me to such an extent that I feel as if I won’t make it out alive. What I felt was that, I called up my sister just to ask her what was she up to; I didn’t realize that during that two minute call I had tears in my eyes. I missed my sister.

My sister who always fought with me, who tried picking a fight with me a few hours before her wedding. Made fun of me, and gave me advice, cracked jokes on me and was always there for me as well. Now she is gone, living in a different house and soon a different country altogether.

About a year ago, I thought that she will never leave and will forever be screaming at me. Time flies so fast, like a hurricane taking everything with it. Leaving us with nothing but nostalgia and a bag full of memories.

My friend and I, we were taking about how within a year everything has changed. We didn’t feel it but back then it was all so much better if not simpler. Everything is changing, people say change is supposed to be good; then why does it feels like this? I don’t like it.



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