Heat Wave & Ramadan!

I really don’t like summers. Summer means sweat, lots of sweaty (and stinky) people, and load-shedding (glares at K-electric).

Last year, Karachi faced one of the worst heat wave in decades. Thousands of people died and suffered from heat exhaustion, and as the heat wave around the same time as the holy month of Ramadan. It was double the battle.

This year the people are more prepared. The government, rangers and the civilian have all put up relief camps at various locations. Providing water, juices, hand towels etc for people on the roads in this weather.

The chart below shows the statistics for last year.

Image source: Dawn

I wish the government and we civilians had learnt from the last heat wave and had planted more trees throughout.

So day by day the temperature keeps rising, just the other day when I was at my university waiting for the car the temperature 37 degrees Celsius that is approx 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Interior Sindh is suffering the most with temperatures hitting 50 degrees Celsius!

With the month of Ramadan fast approaching, and the temperatures rising day by day. I just hope we all make it out in one piece!



14 thoughts on “Heat Wave & Ramadan!

  1. Indeed, this Ramadhan might not be that easy for the busy ones around. Prayers and Faith shall get us successfully pass over it as we enjoy its privilege. Cezane

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  2. But what can the gouvernment do if religious leaders advise people not to drink for reasons of faith. By the way, if people finally suffer from dehydration during hot Ramadan, are intra-veneous infusions with isotonic solution permitted ?
    regards, Michael


    1. Of course in life threatening situations and might I add even a girl on her cycle is exempted from fasting. Most people suffer dehydration is due to the fact that they don’t drink enough water during Sehr (when one is closing the fast) snacking on unhealthy oily things and let us not forget global warming is the human populations fault.
      Other than that fasting is actually pretty good for one’s health.

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  3. Hi Mahnoor, if it starts raining suddenly during Ramadan, and one believes in a higher deity, than he/she can assume that this rain is send by God, right ? So is it o.k. than to lick the rain drops from ones lips ? I mean from ones owns lips !!
    Already Bob Dylan said in one of his songs ” a hard rain is gonna fall”.
    Regards, Michael


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