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Disappearing Acts & A Few Other Things.

Hello to my fellow bloggers, I know I have pulled a lot of disappearing acts for the past month or so; but work has been dragging me down lately. Plus now I am on summer break from my university, so I will try my very best to post more often!

So before I do a few book reviews, I would like to write a few things that happened in the time I was off the blog-sphere.


We have entered the second ashra (part?) of the holy month, which means ten days have gone by already! Time flies.

The heat is not that bad around this time as it was last year (Thank God) and it’s actually pleasant and feels like monsoon may just be around the corner. It is good to see that people still have relief camps set out just in case.

On a side note: Eid is only 15 days away! 😀

Major Change In My Life

Well I may or may not be being  a little drastic but for me it is a major change. I got a haircut, I cut my long black/brown locks that fell to my waist till they barely reach my shoulders now.

I love my new haircut, but I miss my long hair too. #Life

Orlando Shooting

I, as a Muslim strongly condemn the mass shooting that took place in Orlando a few days back. I know many people are blaming Islam for what happened, I am not going to say that Islam doesn’t have a stance against homosexuals and I am not going to get in a religious debate with a certain blogger. For I am neither a scholar or a liar; I won’t debate on a topic that I hardly know anything about, other than just the gist of it.

But what I do know is, my religion does not condone killing innocent people.

I personally don’t have anything against gays, as I strongly believe in “Live and let live” and that is what I have been taught growing up.

Peace. ❤


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