Eid Mubarak!

Eid-ul-Fitr celebrates the end of Ramadan, it is considered a day of happiness and joy for as to people to celebrate for the entire month of fasting.

I thought I would give you all (who are not familiar with this festival) a run down on what we really do on Eid. So basically it is a bit like Christmas; we all wake up in the morning as the men get ready and go for their Eid prayers at the mosque. While we pray, get ready and mother prepares a hearty breakfast (Many sweet dishes, I am swooning just thinking about it!) and when the men get back home they wish their families, neighbors and friends Eid Mubarak. Not to forget, Eidi; which is basically money given to the young populace of the house/family by the elders, just like one would give gifts. Come Lunch time, either there is a gathering at your own place or if you have an elder family member living near you then its there. Dinner time, either family time again or friends (depends). The day ensues with a lot of hugs, Eidi, food and family time basically.

So this is what usually happens on Eid, and we also occasionally visit our village where all my aunts and uncles and their kids gather with my (maternal) Grandfather  for Eid. It’s been a while since my family has spent Eid like that and we are not going again this year. But we are not the only ones who wont be able to make it there is Eid, so basically we won’t be alone.

Also, for this Eid do not forget the martyrs of APS, the victims of Istanbul, Baghdad, Saudi Arabia, Dhaka, Paris, Orlando, Pakistan, and Brussels where shootings and blasts have taken place over the month. My heart goes out to everyone and my prayers are with them. Yesterday there were two bomb blasts in Saudi Arabi targeted at the holy city of Medina, some say it was a gas leakage and reports are coming in it the doing of ISIS. Just remember, no Muslim in the entire universe no matter mentally ill or not would have the heart and courage to attack the place where our Prophet  (PBUH) rests. Attacking Muslims during their holy month in their holy city just proves that they are far off from being Muslims.

#PrayforSaudiArabia #PrayforIstanbul #PrayforBaghdad #PrayforBrussels, #PrayforOrlando #PrayforDhaka #PrayforPakistan #PrayfortheWorld #PrayforHumanity.

I hope you all have a nice day and the long weekend to follow!



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