A Huge Loss to Humaity – RIP Mr. Edhi! <3

I write with a heavy heart today, for we have lost one of the kindest and the most giving man that one can ever come across. Let me tell you all something about his life.edhi

Once there was a man named Abdul Sattar Edhi, born in British India 1928. A philanthropist, social activist and a humanitarian. During partition, his family was forced to move to the newly made Pakistan. Coming here he was penniless and seeing all the sick, poor and needy his heart couldn’t take it. He had to beg on the streets of Karachi to collect money for an ambulance so he could get the sick to the hospital. This began his journey, from opening an ambulance service, morgues, to orphanages, homes for the old, disabled, mentally ill and the drug addicts.

This man, despite receiving millions of funds for his organisation never spent a penny on himself. Living in a two bed apartment with his wife and son, above his clinic in below average standards.

One of his many services included recovering dead bodies from the city. Taking them to the police stations, waiting for a death certificate to be issued, and the body to be identified. If the body was not identified, cleaning it and burying it himself. In his autobiography, he had said:

“From rivers, from inside wells, from roadsides, accident sites and hospitals.. When families forsook them, and authorities threw them away, I picked them up… Then bathed and cared for each and every victim of circumstance.”

Taking in children who were born out of wedlock and children who were abandoned by their parents for various other reason. He took them all in, he truly had a heart of gold. Outside every Edhi Foundation branch one can find a cradle with the sign: “Do not commit another sin: leave your baby in our care.”


His humanitarian services were not only limited to Pakistan, but also across Africa, Middle East, Europe and even the US.

The world has lost a gem in the truest sense, for today we grief the loss of the most compassionate man that probably ever existed.


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