Travel Diaries – Dubai.

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I have posted over here and couple of weeks post Eid, I had my first trip to another country. How exciting!

So here I am, sharing my experience with you all!

Day 1

So we took off to Dubai on a Sunday morning, the flight was scheduled for 12 PM but it slightly got delayed so we boarded around at 1 PM instead. It was all good, i didn’t mind the delay even though my phone’s battery died I had a book to keep me company!

So, after a two hour flight we finally landed on the Arabian sand. Let me tell you I was pretty amazed by the size of the Dubai Airport, even though it’s one of the smallest as compared to other countries but it can sure fit the one in Karachi 5 times at least!

After going through immigration and getting our luggage, we hailed a cab and head out to the hotel we were staying at. The ride took us about 30 mins tops.

Here’s the view from the room.


So after checking in, we decided to go to Dubai Mall which is a really huge mall to be honest. I think we hardly saw half of it but what I did see was spectacular, all those brands I have just heard on TV were all there.

Oh look, the man of almost every girl’s closet dream! 😛


We also saw the fountain show which happens at the mall right opposite the tallest building in the world: Burj-ul-Khalifa. The sleeping architectural enthusiast in me was very happy to see this.



So after bit of mall hopping, we grabbed a quick bite and headed out back to the hotel as we were tired and still running an hour ahead from Dubai.

Day 2

Day 2 saw to waking up late on a Monday, the joy I felt to that was unbelievable. My sister had some meeting to get to so she dropped me off at the Costa Coffee at Business Central Towers while she did her work and I had a drink while i waited patiently for her to finish up.

Then we headed out to the Mall of Emirates, again what’s up with all these humongous malls? Totally loved it to be honest. Over there we had come for the sole purpose of Ski Dubai, -4 degrees Celsius in the middle of the Desert!

We saw some penguins, and lost feeling in our hands. It was amazing. In the picture you can see the King Penguins, the second largest species of penguins in the world!


We then headed back to our hotel, and set out to the Dubai Marina Mall which was a whole lot smaller than the first two malls but it was a walking distant from the hotel and we just had cross the Promenade.

Day 3

Day 3 highlighted the trip to Madinat-ul-Jumeraih, a hotel/mall and beach. One of the most beautiful places, I sadly don’t have many pictures of this but it was wonderful. The Arabs sure know how to make buildings.

It was very hot that day, and we headed out to Jumeraih Beach, loved it despite sweating a gallon. Saw the Burj ul Arab from there, again the architectural enthusiast in me was extremely happy. Two gorgeous buildings in one go!


We all visited the Ibne Batuta Mall, what a wonder that mall was! it had different themes: Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, etc.

We were in Dubai for about 10 days, out of which the first three included sight seeing and the rest were a bit relaxed as compared to them, we headed out the beach near the hotel once which was 20-25 min walk way. I frequented the hotel’s cafe a lot, they had great coffee and food! The Market Cafe, at the Marina; a must try!

The last few days

So the last few days included a bit of shopping and I finally tried out Starbucks(Yay!) and it was pretty good!


Spelled my name wrong the first time I had it, but I fixed it!

And also I got myself a copy of the much awaited book: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Expect a review in a day or so!) I also got a book called Norwegian Woods by the Japanese Author Haruki Murakami.


To see more of my trip, you all can check out my instagram!

So these were some of my highlights from the trip, it was a much needed vacation and I am glad I got a chance to go for which I have my eldest sister to thank! I initially did not want to go to Dubai as I had my heart set on Paris but as one of my favourite writers said:

Some cities you go to because you want to, some cities you go to because they want you to.

So suffice to say, at the end of my trip I did not want to come back. But here I am back in my homeland and all I have are memories.

Hopefully in the near future I will post more traveling diaries even when I go to different cities in Pakistan, cause my country is beautiful too!

Which holiday destination is your favourite?


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