2016 At A Glimpse – The Year of Tragedies & Gems Lost

Time has a silly way of playing with us, a second turns in to a minute, a minute in to a an hour and before we know it days, months and years have flown by. In its wake though time leaves terrible scars, wounds so deep that we spend yet that very same time in future tending to them. The cycle of time healing us and wounding us as it goes by.

“What a slut time is, she screws everybody.” – John Green, Fault in Our Stars

2016 is coming to its end, we are mere weeks away from entering a new year. I don’t know what that year has in store for us, but I pray that it gives us more time to lick our wounds from the year we are to leave behind soon.

This year has given me so much to think about, about how life is so damn unpredictable and that no matter how hard we try to control it, what is bound to happen will happen. It is not in our hands, no matter how many precautions we take, no matter how minor our illnesses may seem and no matter how loved or hated you are, what has been written in to your fate is going to happen. So if we are to get what has been already been decided for us by God or whatever the cosmic plan is, do we just let it happen or do we keep trying to be the controllers of our destiny?

2016 has been particularly hard for my country and family, we have witnessed great losses. Losses so hard to recover, that no matter how hard we try there will always be a hole in us that nothing else could cover.

Before I get in to what I have come here to talk about, I had mentioned to my friend today that I was feeling unnecessarily glum today. Glum for no apparent reason, the heaviness in my heart still tugs more deeply now perhaps especially after the incident that took place in the evening.

Pakistan lost 47+ people today in a plane crash today, flight PK661 was carrying the passengers from Chitral to Islamabad when it crashed around 4 PM (PST) today. 47 people, who plunged to an end, people who had a family waiting for them, people who had plans for tomorrow to meet with friends and family. All gone within a blink of an eye. Among those passengers was a man named Junaid Jamshed, singer turned designer and religious scholar, he and his wife were traveling back to their kids. He was the voice behind a song we all sang and will continue to, Dil Dil Pakistan (Heart, Heart Pakistan), the rock and roll man who turned preacher. 1, 2, 3, blink… entire childhood of mine and thousand others gone..

Oh, how I wish I could say that we have only lost one gem of a person, we have lost so many more than these 47 in the plane. We lost Marium Mukhtiar, the first female pilot in the Pakistan Air Forces to a training gone wrong; we lost Amjad Sabri, the man whose voice could make the whole room shake with awe; we lost Abdul Sattar Edhi, an angel in the form of a man who helped the poor without any sort of discrimination; and so many more people gone, perished in to the same earth they were born from.

We even lost a very vibrant soul, to hate. Her lifestyle wasn’t acceptable to many people and therefore they hated her for it, so she had to pay the price for their hate with her life.

I lost a gem of a cousin recently as well, an year old lost his mother and a mother lost her daughter.

If I sit here and make you count all of the people lost perhaps it would take me an entire life time.

So instead, I just sit here typing away on my laptop as I try to explain to the world that we all are tending to our wounds, just like everyone else. The world is so full of despair and resentment that the little flames of goodness, and kindness we do have, that is still allowing us to function are getting lost.

I hope that 2017 brings the entire world a new beginning, people in war torn areas see a better tomorrow, people who have lost their loved ones try to live as normally as possible and that peace becomes more than just a concept but rather a reality.




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