Every day she got back up from the ruins of yesterday, scars that wouldn’t disappear clung to her like the smell of smoke on cloth. She’d put on her battle gear and go out in the world, struggling to be herself and not what the world expects her to be.

Every night, she would tend to her wounds and go to sleep with moisture in her eyes and sorrow in her soul.

Oh the show she’d put on for the world! No one knew of the struggles and the efforts behind it.

But, one day. The water and darkness she kept bottled up within herself leaked out. The wounds that she tended to every night burst open and threatened to consume her, so she made a decision.

She made a decision, to plunge in to the world so deep that she disappeared and became part of the earth she was born in.

I can’t think of a title for this, so I am leaving it untitled only.. 


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