Musings at the hospital

Day 100 

Going to the hospital requires a lot of patience, as all you do is wait. Your thoughts run away with every door that opens and closes on you. But you just sit there, waiting, waiting for something, anything really. The question is what are we all waiting for?

Day 101

How weird hospitals are, one day you see someone crying outside in the waiting room as they have lost a loved one. But the next day you see a father rejoicing in that same waiting room about his new born baby girl.. In a matter of 24 hours you see the full circle of life, one day you are there and then you are not. Life goes on, whether you like it or not.

Day 103

Indeed, at hospitals you constantly get to see the circle of life. I asked the question a couple of days back: What are we all waiting for? It seems I got my answer. Is it too late to take my question back?!

Will I wake up to find this nothing but a bad dream? I sure hope so. He came back home every time from that place and he will be back at home soon. Little did anyone know that he will be coming back home but for the very last time..

Did the person who lost their loved one a couple of days back felt like the floor beneath their feet was taken away from them? and was there someone else in that same waiting room celebrating the birth of their child soon after?


Rest peace Nana Baba ❤





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