Musings In An Airplane.

The flight to Karachi from Lahore takes approximately one and a half hours, and I have been on that flight a handful of times now. But I was never lucky enough to have the window seat, as someone was always hogging it.

This time around coming back to Karachi, I was fortunate enough to find an empty seat next to the window.

Looking out of a plane has its own charm. One is thousands of miles up in the air at times you can see the ground below along with the clouds and just be mesmerized by it all. How lucky the birds are for such a view everyday.

As one takes off from Lahore for Karachi, one is bound to notice the difference in the landscape below.

Punjab, if one has ever been to they know the green lush one gets to see almost everywhere. This is also apparent when you’re high up in the sky and trying to catch a glimpse of everything from the plane. But as soon as one enters the province of Sindh, the stark contrast between the two provinces is so prominent that it takes your breath away.

Sindh viewed from a bird’s point of view seems like this great desert that one has stumbled upon. Gone are the green patches, and all one sees is brown. Ridges and rifts in the land, occasional patch of trees. Sindh by no means is a barren land, but it is a desert. The sand, the sun and the heat are always there to greet you.

I have always heard people complaining about the differences between the two provinces. They always complain that entering Sindh feels like they have landed themselves in a desert and that they miss the green that Punjab represents.

I absolutely love the difference though. This little peep outside the window gave me a lot to think about.

Looking outside, I saw our ancestors tread the desert looking for a home. I saw civilizations come and go, I saw the dried land tell stories of the past and sing a melody of its own. Some might think, what a weird girl she is! Seeing all that just by looking down an airplane window. But what can I say I have an active imagination.

View taking off from Lahore.

One might think it was my first time on a plane as I was sort of glued to the window, whenever I was not reading.

I also wondered why people become so vary of the difference between the two provinces. Are differences that bad? Maybe the desert is not everyone’s cup of tea but that doesn’t make it any less appealing or thought provoking. I have always loved traveling through Sindh, I get to see the river, the farm lands, the bare land and everything in between.

I tried uploading the short video but couldn’t. So hopefully you guys will be able to view my Instagram post.

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