Musings At Midnight

There are a lot of deadly combinations in the world, these combinations can make the world explode, make the earth shake and move mountains.  One of the deadliest combination I have come across is not something someone thought of in a laboratory or anything. It is that of one girl, her thoughts and a song… Continue reading Musings At Midnight


Musings In An Airplane.

Punjab, if one has ever been to they know the green lush one gets to see almost everywhere. This is also apparent when you’re high up in the sky and trying to catch a glimpse of everything from the plane. But as soon as one enters the province of Sindh, the stark contrast between the two provinces is so prominent that it takes your breath away.


Musings at the hospital

Day 100  Going to the hospital requires a lot of patience, as all you do is wait. Your thoughts run away with every door that opens and closes on you. But you just sit there, waiting, waiting for something, anything really. The question is what are we all waiting for? Day 101 How weird hospitals… Continue reading Musings at the hospital


2016 At A Glimpse – The Year of Tragedies & Gems Lost

Time has a silly way of playing with us, a second turns in to a minute, a minute in to a an hour and before we know it days, months and years have flown by. In its wake though time leaves terrible scars, wounds so deep that we spend yet that very same time in… Continue reading 2016 At A Glimpse – The Year of Tragedies & Gems Lost

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Happy One Year To Musings Of A Girl – Moonlight Blogs!

Hi guys, I have been lost for quite some time now and I am so sorry! But guess what according to WordPress I registered my blog exactly a year ago yesterday! I am over the moon (no pun intended, did you see the super moon?) not only because my blog is 1 year old but… Continue reading Happy One Year To Musings Of A Girl – Moonlight Blogs!


A Huge Loss to Humaity – RIP Mr. Edhi! <3

I write with a heavy heart today, for we have lost one of the kindest and the most giving man that one can ever come across. Let me tell you all something about his life. Once there was a man named Abdul Sattar Edhi, born in British India 1928. A philanthropist, social activist and a… Continue reading A Huge Loss to Humaity – RIP Mr. Edhi! ❤