Appreciating The Words Of Allama

In a short span of four years, where a student is rather forced to learn about a poets life, achievements etc; one automatically develops a sense of repulsion from these poets. I was one of those students up till a certain point as well, where whenever the teacher said we will be learning about a poet, I’d mentally cringe away from the concept of having to study about another poet. But that is the thing about opinions, they are bound to change one day. During the last few months of my board exams this year, while preparing for my Urdu exam, appreciation for one particular poet I certainly gained and that poet was none other than: Allama Mohammad Iqbal.

It was weird development of sorts, the more I read about him, his work and his thoughts. The more drawn I was, towards what Allama Iqbal represents. Although I certainly did not venture much deeper into the world of Allama Iqbal and only kept myself limited to whatever I learned in school and college. His words and concept on life, definitely made me see life in a whole different light. His analogies and metaphors regarding Shaheens and how one if he truly tries can achieve whatever he sets out to do. His words are so encouraging, that if one reads them and truly comprehend them, they literally have the power to change ones mindset about things.  For example, whenever I am feeling like I don’t have certain things in control or how I am not capable enough, I try to remember what Allama Iqbal says about our youth, and how if we have enough will power, we can change not only ourselves but also maybe the world.

Khudi ko kar buland itna k har taqdeer sey phela,
Khuda khud bunday se poochay bata teri raza kya hai?

Make yourself so worthy/great that before the writing of your fate
God Himself asks you: Tell me what to do you wish for?

Nahin tera nasheman qaser-e-sultani k ghumbadon per,
Tou Shaheen hai bashaira kar paharon ki chatano per.

Your place is not in the king’s palace,
You’re a Shaheen (White royal falcon), your place is in the highest peaks of the mountains.

What really made me like the writing style of Allama Iqbal is this only, he encourages, unlike the majority of the other Urdu poets we have read. He doesn’t believe in waiting for destiny to happen, he believes in working hard for it, so that even God says give it to him. Allama Iqbal in my mind always had respect for being one of the brains behind our beloved Pakistan, but after this epiphany of sorts I had regarding his poetry, I can truly say Allama Iqbal is my favourite poet at least in the Urdu language.

I wrote this essay for my university application, I was asked to write about some historical figure/piece of art/person in my life that has had some influence on me in anyway. So this is my interpretation of the verses, everyone has a different understanding and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.



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