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Happy One Year To Musings Of A Girl – Moonlight Blogs!

Hi guys, I have been lost for quite some time now and I am so sorry! But guess what according to WordPress I registered my blog exactly a year ago yesterday! I am over the moon (no pun intended, did you see the super moon?) not only because my blog is 1 year old but… Continue reading Happy One Year To Musings Of A Girl – Moonlight Blogs!

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Disappearing Acts & A Few Other Things.

Hello to my fellow bloggers, I know I have pulled a lot of disappearing acts for the past month or so; but work has been dragging me down lately. Plus now I am on summer break from my university, so I will try my very best to post more often! So before I do a… Continue reading Disappearing Acts & A Few Other Things.

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My Sister’s Wedding Day.

I have been MIA for sometime, posting everywhere other week or something like that. It’s just I have been very busy of late. I have presentations due, assignments to work on and recently i.e. yesterday my sister got married. So here I am, sitting on her side of the bed in our room; if she… Continue reading My Sister’s Wedding Day.

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The BFF Book Tag

I was tagged by The Orang-utan Librarian for this tag, about a month ago and I finally have gotten to it. SETTING THE EXAMPLE: A PAIR/GROUP OF BOOK BFFS THAT YOU LOVE? I love the golden trio. Harry, Hermoine and Ron are my absolute favorite! 😀 CHILDHOOD BESTIE: WHICH BOOK CHARACTER WOULD YOU HAVE LIKED… Continue reading The BFF Book Tag


Book Sacrifice Tag

I was tagged by The Orangutan Librarian for this tagged, thank you so much! Check out their blog, it is quite amazing! SO here it goes: An Over-Hyped Book: Situation: You’re in a store when the zombie apocalypse hits. The military informs everyone that over-hyped books are the zombies only weakness. What book that everyone else says is… Continue reading Book Sacrifice Tag

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3 Day Quote Challenge Part 2 – Day 3

Hi! I know a little (or a day) late for this post, but better late than never, am I right or am I right? Anyways, I was nominated for this tag by Bibliophile so thank you so much! 😀 Rules Thank the person who nominated you. Post a quote for three consecutive days. Nominate three new… Continue reading 3 Day Quote Challenge Part 2 – Day 3